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What makes people laugh and what doesn’t? For a situation or any something else to be funny it may perceived as unfamiliar or unexpected. Some people find that the joke is funny just because the joke mock at their enemies.  Others laugh at funny situations just because it gives them a sort of superiority as most jokes tell about stupid actions. What is funny for other may be offensive for others for example, raciest jokes may appeal for teenagers, is considered as unacceptable to adult.





Health is a sense of well being.  Health includes mental physical and environmental aspect. Health maintenance is an ongoing process includes a healthy life style, healthy environment, and physical exercises. Health is affected by psychological state. Psychological well being increase endurance to work and immunity to diseases, in contrary to psychological stress or psychological illness which decrease  ability to work or think , also decrease immunity to illness which make human vulnerable to multiple disease. Social aspect of health is very important. Volunteering in social activities promote cognitive abilities and decreases psychological stress.

Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

Scent Memory

Scent is associated with memory. Olfactory bulbs, the receptor of smell, are connected to the brain where memory and associated learning center is located. First encounter with scent occur in childhood, so most scent brings memories from childhood. Human associate scent with occurring event, which makes a scent pleasant for one, the same scent is unpleasant for another one. For example, scent of flowers remind us of spring, to others it bring memory of exam evoking anxiety to them.